LOVE is blind

This is what I hear people saying when they feel disappointed, misunderstood, hurt, unaccepted.

Is LOVE truly blind?

LOVE is just an energy.

Can energy be blind?

Energy is never blind.

It’s people who are blind.

People who put LOVE in a tiny box called “How love should be” and expect it to meet their expectations.

LOVE does not play games.

LOVE does not have rules.

It does not care what people think about it.

LOVE is just the ever present energy.

Now take a deep breath and…

Remember the moment when you were truly in LOVE.

Everything seemed like magic.

Your thoughts and feelings invited you to fly high.


Love is a high energy frequency activity.

It will always make you feel high because this is the nature of LOVE.

LOVE raises your vibration and makes you feel really good.

LOVE heals. LOVE inspires. LOVE gives you wings to do great things!

This is what LOVE does.

Do you want to experience the healing power of LOVE?

Here’s a simple exercise to raise your vibration and help you enter the magical space of LOVE